"Michael learned at an early age that my four swing principles of IMPACT, CLUBHEAD LAG, SWING PLANE, and PIVOT has always been the four things that I look at.  Michael will develop his teaching philosophy around these swing principles.  Michael has spent many hours watching me instruct students, he always had a sharp eye and I was impressed that he could see any problem and know how to fix it." 

- Ted Sheftic, PA's #1 Teacher & GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Instructor in America

"Mike is, in my opinion, one of the top young instructors in the US.  His intellect, determination and attention to detail works well in any environment.  He is comfortable communicating with anyone, regardless of their stature in the industry."

- Dr. David Wright, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America & Owner of Wright Balance Golf Schools (#1 rated golf school - GOLF Magazine)

"All of the best instructors have a passion for teaching, and it's very easy to see that passion in Mike.  He has a hunger for making golfers play better golf.  If you spend 15 minutes with him, you will feel his enthusiasm and excitement for you as a golfer.  He seeks our the best teachers and learns from them, and he will pass that along to his students." 

- Steve Bosdosh, MD's #1 Teacher & GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Instructor in America
" Since beginning lessons with Mike, I have made tremendous progress in my golf game.  Not only the physical aspects, but also the mental game approach to my game has greatly improved.  Mike has an uncanny ability to personalize each teaching session, according to the individual golfer and their specific needs.  The combination of his capability to impart knowledge to his students and the endless collection of ultra high tech diagnostic and game improving equipment, I have learned more from Mike than any person, book, or DVD I have encountered in the past!  I will remain a devoted student for as long as I play the game of golf!"

- Paul Turner, Owner - Paul Turner Productions 

"Great teacher! Have had lots of teachers over the past 50 years including some notables. A great teacher needs an eye for detail and the ability to communicate "fixes". Mike does all that and is personable as well.  I am sure in a few years he will be one of the top teachers in PA and maybe the US."

- Dan Shaffer - Golden Oaks GC Member

"Michael has improved my golf game more than I could have ever imagined.  With the skills and knowledge he has, combined with the technology and services he offers, it makes him one of the best instructors in the PGA.  Through the years I've gained a lot of knowledge learning from Michael as it applies to my own instruction.  He has allowed me to watch him give lessons, assist with clinics, and help mentor me through the PGA Apprenticeship.  A lot of what I use today is attributed to learning from Mike. 

- Anthony Guidici, Owner - Athletic Golf Performance (PGA Apprentice)

"What a difference he made in my game!  I began golf only 18 months ago, but now I am playing with confidence.  He improved my drives, showed me great short game moves, and then got me more comfortable with the fairway woods.  He also customized my clubs.  What is the absolute best for me is playing lessons.  Yesterday he showed me ways to play the back nine of Manor with confidence.  I applied it today at Willow Hollow and got a score of 43.  This week has been exceptional with scores of 51 and 43 instead of my 64 and 70 scores for 9 holes. Kudos to Michael for changing my game in the last 4 months.  Frustrated with your game...contact Michael Wheeler." 

- Dr. Sandra L. Becker, student 
"Thanks for your time. You really nailed my problem areas, address them, and gave me working solutions. I couldn't be happier; I now have the formula for a straight ball flight every time. I went to the range a day later and was striping balls straight and true for three large buckets! I worked on shutting the face through impact with my stronger grip and it worked wonders. I haven't hit the ball like that in 5+ years. Thanks so much. " 

- Brendan Franks, student

"in just one hour i went from hooking and slicing the ball to hitting almost every shot as straight as an arrow. all with just a few adjustments to my posture Thanks for all the wonderful tips and pointers I will be back for more." 

- William McCasslin, student