College Golf Improvement Training

Do you play college golf or amateur golf and want to play better in your tournaments?  Are you considering taking your game to the next level and trying to play on the PGA Tour?  Are you looking for an all encompassing program that can help you improve your scores?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then look no further.  This COACHING PROGRAM will help you not only improve the physical attributes of your game, but it will also improve your mental game, course management, and introduce you to golf specific fitness and nutrition with a certified fitness trainer.  In order to get the most out of yourself we need to have a plan that will improve all aspects of being a competitive ATHLETE.  

These are just some of the qualities that make up a Tour player and tools we will use to get you there, and without all of these you will not be able to compete with the best college has to offer or compete on the PGA Tour....

College Prep Program (CPP)
The College Prep Program (CPP) is designed to prepare the competitive junior golfer AND college golfer with the best chance of success in college golf as possible.  Each year there are only between 100-150 male scholarship opportunities for a future NCAA Division 1 student-athlete, and there are even less female scholarship opportunities.  Each graduating class has THOUSANDS of juniors that are vying for one of those spots.  You must plan and prepare accordingly to have a chance to get a golf scholarship. 

Not only will this program prepare your son or daughter for college golf by improving the quality of their play, it will also provide them the opportunity to play and practice in front of Division 1 coaches.  I regularly invite coaches to our facility to observe our practices and speak with our players, and this is an invaluable opportunity for your junior golfer.

If you are already a college player we will focus on improving weaknesses and reinforcing strengths through a detailed assessment and training program.  No matter if your goal is to get a better scholarship, win a college championship, or play the PGA or LPGA Tour this program will fit your needs.

The program requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment and includes the following:
- Three (3) One-Hour Private Lessons per month,
- One (1) Two-Hour Supervised Practice session per month (3rd Saturday of each month),
- One (1) 9-hole Group Playing Lesson/On-Course Evaluation (1st Saturday of each month),
- Initial Club Fitting/Evaluation to ensure each junior has proper equipment,
- Online Locker to view videos from each lesson with,
- Assistance with tournament scheduling to ensure proper preparation,
- Access to NCAA college coaches across the country,
- 24/7 phone & email access for any questions or concerns.

The value of this program is over $500 per month.

Cost - $250/month
****That is an average of less than $30 per hour of coaching****


To schedule your consultation with Michael please contact him at 443-841-5438.